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Clean like a Pro!

There’s a good chance that you don’t exactly love doing all the household chores that mount up over the year. Whilst some things you can’t get away with for long (cleaning the bathroom, ironing or perhaps tackling the kids’ rooms), there are some tasks that always seem to get put on the back burner.

Window cleaning is one of those things.

Left to their own devices, many people will clean their windows no more than twice a year. The problem is, they really need to be done more often than that in order to maintain visibility, if nothing else.

When we consider that it’s not the most difficult of tasks, why then do we always seem to put it off? The answers simple: it can be quite time consuming, and as a non-professional, you never feel fully satisfied with the results.

Generally speaking when people go DIY on their window cleaning, one of the biggest problems is that they use a bunch of wadded up towels (or kitchen roll), a spray cleaner and good old fashioned elbow grease.

Whilst you might feel like you’re doing a great job, the reality is you’re simply moving the dirt from one area, to another one. Not only that, but you’re essentially putting a static charge on the window, which is only going to end up attracting more dirt as soon as you’ve finished!

Here are our top tips for perfect windows, every time.

#1 – Get the right tools

It’s really important that you use the right tools if you want to get the right results. You will need a clean bucket, some washing up liquid, a squeegee, a microfibre window washer, a dry cloth/rag and a chamois.

#2 – Wash

Put a little squeeze of washing up liquid in to a bucket of water (the fewer suds you have, the better), and use your microfibre washer to wet the windows. This will initially remove all excess dirt, grime and grit.

#3 – Wipe clean

Next, use your squeegee to remove the excess water from the window. Starting at the top left of the window (top right, if you’re left handed) pull the squeegee over the window pane in a reverse S-shape. At the end of each stroke, wipe the squeegee blade clean using a clean, dry rag. This ensures you’re not simply removing, and then returning water to the window.

#4 – Dry off

Remove any remaining water with a damp (but wrung-dry) chamois. This will ensure that there is no water left on the water, and won’t leave any nasty streaks. Some people swear by using newspaper for this, and boast it adds an extra shine; however, the downside is you end up with ink stains all over your fingers.

Of course, if you really want your windows to look amazing at all times, give us a call at Bolton Cleaning Contractors Ltd on 01942 918 204.


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