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Clean Offices

Let’s assume you have a normal 9-5 job, Monday-Friday. Maybe you work in a call centre, or insurance. Perhaps it’s in a bank, or recruitment firm. It doesn’t matter what you do, with those schedules, you will spend, on average 160 (maybe up to 200) hours a month in your office.

When you put it like that, it’s a little bit depressing, isn’t it?

The reality is, we all spend so much time at work, that really we want our work environment to be a good one. Perhaps you have great managers and colleagues. You might even have a great salary, and love the work you do. But, what’s the actual environment like?

If you work in an office that is dirty, not looked after, is run down and generally looking a bit sorry for itself, then morale can quickly dip. When employees work in a building that’s clearly seen better days, the message that is subliminally being sent out is that the big bosses don’t care. They don’t care enough to invest money in the small things, to make a better impression.

That never goes down well with staff.

Especially those who spend a lot of their time trapped inside that poorly maintained, run down, seen-better-days building.

As an employer, it’s worth spending the extra time, and money, to ensure that your employee’s work spaces are as good as they can be.

Here are our top tips to make an immediate change.

Tidy desks

Implement a tidy desk policy. Every night when your staff leave to go home, make sure they know they need to have everything put away. This is essential from a data protection perspective, but is also a great way to make sure that their desks are cleared and therefore ready to be cleaned. Bits of paper lying around, and dirty coffee cups left on coasters make life harder for your cleaning team.

Coming back in to the office the next day, or after a weekend, is so much more pleasant when you have a clean and organised desk waiting for you. It allows you to start the day the right way.

Keep windows clean

Your windows might not seem like the most important part of your business, but they’re definitely worth paying attention to. Clean windows ensure that there is more light coming in to the room/building, which in turn can be a big boost to staff members who spend most of their days indoors. Improved light reduces the need for artificial light, which again has a huge impact on mood, and therefore efficiency of staff.

Not only that, but dirt and grime stuck on windows, can find its way in to your office space, which can damage the air environment, and lead to a build up of germs and bacteria. Nobody wants to work in an unhealthy environment!


Once you can show that you are taking your external image seriously, staff are more likely to feel proud of where they work. In term this has a further impact on morale and makes everyone feel so much better!

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