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Top Window Cleaning Tips

Here’s our 5 most useful hints and tips for beautiful streak free windows

  1. Choose your Moment: most people would think that the best day to clean windows would beautiful bright sunny day but in fact a cloudy day (but not rainy) would be better – why you ask? Well that’s simple, on a bright sunny day the glass can dry too quickly leaving streaks and marks!

  2. Patience is a Virtue: when trying to remove tough marks and stains take your time. Use fine wire wool on a wet surface and be patient – you don’t want to leave scratches!

  3. Invest in a Good Quality Squeegee: don’t be tempted to buy one from the garage! A good quality squeegee is a good investment and will reward you with streak free windows. But remember, change the squeegee blade every time you wash the windows.

  4. Start with the Frames: It sounds obvious, but you would be surprised how many people forgot, brush and wipe down frames and sills before you start on the windows!

  5. Separate Internal and External Windows: don’t be tempted to use the same cloths – make sure you have 1 set for interior and 1 for exterior and that should include a finishing cloth too.

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