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Safe Gutter Cleaning

If you are thinking about cleaning your gutters, here’s our top tops to keep you safe, some of its just common sense but hopefully will be a timely reminder for you:

  1. Let someone know you are cleaning your gutters. It’s never a good idea to go up ladders on your own. Get a friend of member of the family to hold the ladder to keep it steady.

  2. Use a safe and secure ladder. Check your ladder before use, maybe it has been stored unused for some time. Make sure it is sturdy and not likely to fall apart during use.

  3. Maintain 3 points of contact when working on a ladder. Both of your feet and one hand should be in contact with the ladder at all times for your safety.

  4. Wear eye protection and gloves. Falling debris can be hazardous and you never know what you might put your hand into.

  5. Inspect the gutters before you begin. Gutters can often be home to wasps and bees and you don’t want to irritate them!

Of course, if you don’t want to take the risk, ask the experts, that’s what we are here for.

Call 01942 918204

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